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Kayla Loves: Decorating Inspiration | Loving the modern style

The best thing about moving? A whole new space to decorate.

When we first moved in together 5 years ago we purchased our first set of fancy adult furniture. Fast forward 5 years and 3 homes later and we’ve been left with a mis-matched collection of well loved items. We decided to take advantage of our new city life and embrace a different decorating style. We sold and donated all of our primitive style items and arrived in NYC ready to start again fresh. In the last few years JT and I have both found ourselves drawn to a more clean, modern look ( think scandinavian decor) . I’m excited to combine some new furniture with the vintage and rustic decorative items we already own.

I created a new pinterest board which I have been filling with pictures of pretty rooms and ideas for better storage ( apartment living!).  Here are some of my favorite images I’ve got rotating around in my head recently.


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I love the simple lines of the couch and the photo rail. What a pretty collection of mis-matched items!


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I LOVE this idea! Since we’re apartment living now I’m looking for ideas on how to spruce up our walls. This wall was decorated with washi tape, but I’m thinking electrical tape would be an easy diy option. I may even have plans to swing by the hardware store tomorrow and get started on this project right away!


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Not only do I have a major love of books, but also displaying them. Before we’re purchasing anything we’re taking into consideration how it will serve us multiple uses, so a big open bookcase like this one will be good for displaying pretty decorative items, books and for hiding boxes full of boring ugly things like electrical wires.


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I finished setting up my office in Texas about 2 weeks before we decided to move. *Cue all the loud dramatic sighs* Now I’m itching to set up my pretty work space here. I love the idea of using clipboards as wall art. I can fill the boards with photos of my loved ones, business things and some great quotes. Plus I can change them out as often as I desire!

I’ve got one goal in mind and that’s creating a space that feels open and airy. Which is lucky since I’m starting with 4 empty white walls 🙂

Life at the White House: Road Trip from Texas to New York ( again!)

With our 3 week vacation to Upstate New York in August we drove to Upstate New York from Texas. Now as we planned on relocating we were looking at driving again ( just weeks later!) . While we enjoy long trips, making a 3rd journey 1600 miles up the same route felt a bit boring so we thought we’d change it up a bit! For this trip we traveled from Texas, through Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and ended in New York. The major change for this trip was that we were driving separately each in a different car.  Typically conversation carries us through so for this trip I depended on some old school CD’s I found while packing to keep me entertained. ( Thank God for Relient K! I listened to both of their albums 3x!)
We decided that Winston would ride in my car, mostly because he does better on my fabric seats then on JT’s leather. I wasn’t sure what we would be in for in NYC so before we left I made sure we got lots of sun and grass time in!


Luckily our drive was smooth the whole way. It’s a 24 hour total trip. Typically we’d drive 2 12 hour days but decided this time to break in into a 3 day trip.

Evening Day 1, the Tennessee sunset in the rear view mirror.

Winston is AMAZING in the car. He transitioned from sleeping, to sitting, to looking out the window, to sleeping again. He never whimpered once and did so great in the hotels both nights. To help burn his energy once we arrived at the hotel we would walk him in circles around the parking lot. It’s not a dog park but the end result is the same!

Seen on the highway in Tennessee Day 2

The Virginia Sunset day 2.
The smartest piece of advice I have ever had was to pack snacks! I put together 2 bags ( 1 for each of our cars) that was full of some great options. Nuts, Pretzels, Reduced Fat Chez-It’s and Gatorade. Being able to snack helps eliminate stops, and it can keep you busy on those long roads. Plus when we stopped for meals we both did our best to eat healthier which means this trip we didn’t arrive at our destination feeling bad. ( 3 days of eating fast food can really make you feel like crap!)


I’m so proud of how smoothly this last trip went! I never once needed to stop to walk myself awake ( which for an easy napper is a huge deal!) and we never got off schedule. We don’t have any big plans for our next road-trip, but I’m excited for what our next trip might be. Now that we’re experts at the 1,600 mile trip we can certainly do 3,000!




Life at the White House: September Recap

I feel like every month I say the previous month went by so fast, but September really did! Between organizing our re-location to New York City and checking some things off our Dallas Bucket List we barely found time to fit in everything!

Excited About:

Fall!! One of the best things about living in the land of summer is that it is sunny every single day. I’m sad we never got the chance to experience a Texas summer, because I’m sure it’s also full of lots of sun. As an East Coaster unpredictability is the name of the game. While I have loved the predictability of 96 degree weather every day, I have so missed leaves, a fall breeze and even wearing socks! I can’t wait to get to NYC and jump right into the fall season!

Thankful For:

We have been so amazingly BLESSED during our time in Texas. We have became close with some amazing people who have welcomed us with open arms. They taught me that making friends doesn’t have to be hard, and have shown me how to lighten up a bit 🙂 We may have become friends in Dallas, but our friendship will continue in cities across the country! We can’t wait to host them all in NYC soon!



3 weeks before we moved I got an typically exciting email from the Dallas Public Library; ‘ the book you have on hold is ready’. Not only did I get 1 email from them but I got 2! My copies of ‘ Good Call‘ from Jase Robertson and ‘ The Fault in our Stars‘ from John Green were ready for me after 6+ months of waiting. I has planned on spending all of September reading ‘ Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley as it was the book of the month for my Mother and I . Since ‘Frankenstein’ was written in the early 1900’s I knew it would take me a while to get through the book. With only 3 weeks to read all 3 books though I kicked my reading into high gear. I finished ‘ Good Call’ in 2 days and completed ‘ Frankenstein’ in a week and a half. I LOVED both books and was shocked at how different ‘Frankenstein’ was then all of the movies and renditions I’ve seen before. With 1 week left before our move I figured I could take my time with ‘ The Fault in our stars’. I opened it one night at 9pm when I slipped into a hot bath, and ended up finishing it that same night at 1am. This books was phenomenal! It was an easy read and I loved the story. Of course I cried through most of it! All 3 of those books are definately must reads!


Getting Into:

I have a very large soft spot in my heart for rescue dogs. Winston came from a shelter in Georgia and I have always experienced some of the sweetest dogs who spent a period of their life without a home. When I met a Texas photographer friend to capture her head shots I also shadowed her at the Shelter that she works at. Not only did I make it home without taking anyone with me, I also got to spend some time with these super adorable puppies! I’m hopeful they will find good homes soon. After my day with these cuties I’ve started my research for a shelter organization I can volunteer with in NYC. I’d love to help where I can and if I can’t take them all home maybe I can at least help the people who will!
Happy With:

Making Plans For:

Since we spent almost all of September packing, cleaning, donating and organizing I can not wait for October where we can unpack, decorate and live a little! I have been filling a new Pinterest board with great inspiration for our new city apartment. I’ll be doing lots of smart organizing there and can’t wait to get my hands on some great baskets!


What a great picture! I’ve been thinking of framing this image as a fun reminder of our time in Texas!

Before I left town I got to photograph some awesome people! It may be September but in Texas the leaves are no-where near changing!

Many of these photos were taken on my iphone. Follow my Instagram to see what we’re doing in real time!